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Zoirova Makharram Yokubovna In preschool and elementary schools department of distance education Abstract: In order for a child to become a fully-fledged human being, physical activities are necessary. In a word, playing sports builds self-confidence in a school student, including in some way encourages the opening of his inner potential. The movement towards social improvement plays an important role in mastering lessons and developing leadership skills. Cultivation occurs as a result of practical actions. He is eager to try new things. Relatively, a child who is engaged in gymnastics or other types of sports is in good physical condition and has relatively less discomfort in mastering other subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to send children to various sports clubs during the school period, and at the same time, it is appropriate to get to know them closely and give them spiritual support. Playing sports requires a person to be physically active, as a result of which a person becomes more attentive and a person who analyzes processes in depth. Focusing attention is especially important in learning science. In this article, we will describe in detail our approaches to the optimization of innovative pedagogical technologies based on modern rhythmic gymnastics and methodological instructions in preschool educational organizations. Key words: Pupils, sports training, development of intellectual ability, mastering of technologies, mental ability; Introduction: As a result of the development of technologies, a person should be able to receive more information and be able to analyze it, as well as be able to use it effectively. For this, human social activity was considered a very important factor. Gymnastics plays an important role in the development of school-aged children. It is worth noting that playing sports helps to awaken the inner world of a person, including revealing one’s talent. As a result of improved blood circulation in a person who plays sports, the brain is better saturated with oxygen, as a result, this child is more attentive during the lesson than children who do not play sports, and learns the lesson without difficulty. Self-help skills develop. As a result, the child is strong-willed and able to express his opinion freely even in society. The speech process is very rich and a person who uses it in his place and speaks without hesitation is formed. Not only sports, but all disciplines have an important role in this, but it is very difficult to become a well-rounded person without playing sports. Because practical training encourages a person not only to train, but to try again and again. In general, he will become a determined person who does not give up quickly. Due to economic and social developments and changes in modern society, there have been changes in the education system. Pedagogical teams of preschool educational institutions are starting to use innovative technologies in their activities. This, in turn, suggests quality improvement. Services provided by Education Quality. The international community has adopted a number of documents and declared it a priority. children’s rights in society. One of these documents is the UN Convention on Human Rights. Its main idea is to ensure the interests and rights of children, to create the necessary survival, development, protection and active participation measures to increase the place of the young generation in the life of society.