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Dear Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute team, dear students !!!

Allow me to congratulate sincerely all of you on the great holiday of our sacred religion Ramadan holiday  – Eid al-Fitr  ! Ramadan, the month of mercy, goodness, and generosity, is coming to an end. In this blessed month, our compatriots performed their prayers around the family in the quiet morning, around the breakfast table, and in the evenings. During the holy month of Ramadan, our compatriots` generosity was high, parents, relatives, neighbors, the elderly, teachers, patients, the needy people  were visited, donations were made. Under the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On holding the holy month of Ramadan in a deserving way” on April 8 2021, a comprehensive program of holding the holy month of Ramadan in the spirit of our national traditions and values has been developed. According to the program, Particular attention is paid to the promotion of educational activities in the spirit of respect for our ancient traditions and values,  respect for human qualities, spiritual purity, patience, respect for our peaceful and prosperous life, encourage people to do good to each other, live in harmony and harmony, and love for the Motherland. At the essence of this work is the idea of combating ignorance with enlightenment. In particular, the focus is on organizational work related to the full support of people in need, strengthening the atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect in families and communities. On the Eve of Eid al-Fitr, which brings joy to our hearts, light to our eyes, blessings to our tables, peace to our families, the staff of Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute visited the veterans who have worked at the Institution for several years. Hashars were organized and the surrounding area was turned into a prosperous place. In the glorious hours of the holiday, our intentions are great, we pray to the Creator: May our dear country bring lasting peace and calmness, prosperity, and abundance to our tables! May He protect us from the evil eye, from the Coronavirus disease that is troubling the whole world today, from various calamities! May our Motherland be a paradise, may our people be among the nations that find His approval! Peace be upon the world! I once again congratulate all of you on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr and wish your family peace, stability, blessings, and happiness! Rector of Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute prof. Sh.S.Sharipov