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3+1 joint education program

Welcome to the joint educational program with the Belarusian State Pedagogical University!

The Constitution is our basic law!

December 8 — Constitution Day Of The Republic of Uzbekistan

An ode reflecting a high sense of patriotism!

December 10 — the day of the adoption of the state anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan

New year is an opportunity for new goals!

Happy New Year 2024!

Memory is holy - dear to man!

May 9 - day of memory and appreciation

JSPU 50 years old!

Happy 50th birthday of Jizzakh State Pedagogical University!

“Peace is a great blessing!”

This is the name of the event held at JSPU. At Jizzakh State Pedagogical University, a roundtable discussion was held under the heading “Enlightenment against ignorance” on the topic “Peace is a great blessing”. Responsible employees of the Committee on Religious Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professors and teachers of the university and young students took part in it. The event was opened by F. Akchaev, the first vice-rector of the university for spiritual and educational issues of work with youth. “Today, interest and aspiration towards Islam is growing all over the world, and its supporters and supporters are increasing. The main reason for this is the truthfulness and purity of our holy religion, humaneness and tolerance, calling mankind to perfection and goodness. Unfortunately, the bigoted forces that are hiding the religion of Islam and carrying out their heinous deeds are ensnaring inexperienced, inexperienced youth and using them for their nefarious purposes. It is necessary for all of us to deeply understand that such undesirable actions will first of all tarnish the honor of our holy religion and ultimately have a negative impact on our spiritual life and draw the right conclusions. Today’s event was organized for this purpose as well” – says F. Akchaev, the first vice-rector for work with youth, spiritual and educational issues of the university.   At the event, the interaction of the state with religion and religious organizations in our country, the peace-loving essence of Islam and the condemnation of bigotry and ignorance in Islam, the importance of the idea of fighting “enlightenment against ignorance”, and the ideas of extremism of our youth were discussed. A number of current issues were discussed, such as what should be paid attention to in order not to fall under its influence. Speaking at the event, Jakhongir Melikoziev, the responsible officer of the Committee on Religious Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, said that the virtues of our people, such as honesty, kindness, and compassion, are reflected in our holy religion. Unfortunately, sometimes many unpleasant incidents occur due to the inability to distinguish between the concepts of Islam and religious fanaticism or to put them equal for malicious purposes, and these things are happening among our students and young people. .         In his speech, the speaker also emphasized that it is necessary to form a healthy way of life, respect for national and national values in the hearts and minds of our youth, starting from their youth. At the roundtable discussion held under the slogan “Peace is a great blessing”, students and young people also expressed their opinions within the framework of the topic.