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3+1 joint education program

Welcome to the joint educational program with the Belarusian State Pedagogical University!

The Constitution is our basic law!

December 8 — Constitution Day Of The Republic of Uzbekistan

An ode reflecting a high sense of patriotism!

December 10 — the day of the adoption of the state anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan

New year is an opportunity for new goals!

Happy New Year 2024!

Memory is holy - dear to man!

May 9 - day of memory and appreciation

JSPU 50 years old!

Happy 50th birthday of Jizzakh State Pedagogical University!

Dr. Abdelfattah Othman Dimassi, Professor of Khor Fakkan University of the United Arab Emirates, visited JSPU.

A seminar was organized on the topic “Metaknowledge (metacognition) – studying the ways of acquiring knowledge” by psychologist Abdelfattah Othman Dimassi, associate professor of Khorfakkan University in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, at the invitation of professors and teachers of JSPU “Foreign language in preschool and primary education” department. A seminar was organized on the topic “Metaknowledge (metacognition) – studying the ways of acquiring knowledge”. The seminar with the participation of a foreign guest was opened by U. Jumanazarov, the dean of the faculty of pre-school education. On the basis of this educational seminar, master classes for students and professors of the faculty were scheduled. Students, young people and teachers actively participated in master classes on the topic “Metaknowledge (metacognition) – studying the ways of acquiring knowledge”. Metacognition is awareness and understanding of one’s thought processes; is a critical factor in successful learning. During the event, meaningful and mutually useful information was provided on how to improve the educational results of students and increase their ability to control and regulate their learning through metacognition.   During the event, professors and teachers of JSPU spoke to a foreign guest about the effect of teaching metacognitive strategies on working memory and word recognition. They asked questions about the contribution of metacognitive strategy to academic education. At the end of the event, there was also an exchange of views on establishing mutually beneficial cooperation relations.