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The Problem of the Existence of Itelligence

Yorqin Turopov Senior Teacher of the Department, Jizzakh DPU Faculty of History, Departament of Philosophy, Education and law, Uzbekistan Abstract: The article analyzes the issues of intellect and being, their interaction, the essence of man, his role in the perception of the essence of being, the factors and sources that determine the ontological structure and functional existence of an individual. The level of socio-economic development of society, the ideological and ideological environment, the essence of the policy pursued by the state, the content and form of the educational system determine the ontological structure and functional existence of the individual. Trends in the historical development of society are manifested in individual potential. The level of socio-economic development of society, the ideological and ideological environment, the essence of the policy pursued by the state, the content and form of the educational system determine the ontological structure and functional existence of the individual. Trends in the historical development of society are manifested in individual potential. The human mind is constantly developing on the basis of Learning, Mastering the various knowledge created by mankind. In order to further develop the mind, a person needs the right-thinking dormitory. To do this, Akli should rely on methods of cognition, in particular logical cognition. But it is of great importance that the quality of knowledge, advanced ideas and knowledge acquired by the individual in the bunda. Thus, the question of existence is the negation of all the issues that a person faced during his first attempts to understand the world wisely. The existence or nonexistence of certain things immediately took place from the centre of his attention, as soon as a person began to philosophical reasoning. Keywords: Intellect, Personality Potential, Being, The Essence Of The World, Reality, Obsession, Scientific Intelligence, Knowledge, Ability, Abstract Thinking, Practical Activity. Introduction The existence of the intellect and its essence is one of the main problems of philosophy. Because intellect is related to creative eccence of man and is a criterion for the spiritual, socio-economic and civilizational development of mankind.Intellect is an extremely complex, multifaceted and multifaceted phenomenon, thanks to which one can learn the laws of interaction and interaction between different forms of human existence, the same interaction, the essence of interaction, even the peculiarities of human existence. A person will be able to change the natural-social environment in which he lives. For the same reason, intelligence forms the basis of a person’s activity to know the universe, the person and change it. The term» intellect” came from the original Latin language, entered the Uzbek language through the Russian language. When the intellectual question is translated into Uzbek, it means » mind, perception, intelligence; intellectually mature [1], – means. In the case of Labor, production, we can see that this word is defined as follows:»intellect, which includes the regulation of the information received (subject of Labor) and the rational generalizationalaydigan is a system of human ability, which is manifested as the main factor of non-alienation and intellectual production from its owner» [2]. In the National Encyclopedia of Uzbekistan, the word «intellect «is given an even more extensive definition, namely» the intellectual ability of Man; the ability to reflect and change life, the environment in consciousness, to think, to study, to know the world and to receive social experience; the ability to solve various issues, to come to a decision, to behave wisely, to foresee events in The structure of intelligence includes psychic processes of perception, memory, thinking, speaking, etc.»[3]. The question «Intellektual» is used in the meanings of «the owner of reason, the Wise Man»[4], «the owner of reason zakovat; the wise» [5]. Hence, the word «ualual » is a term associated with mental activity, level of knowledge. In our opinion, when understanding the meaning and essence of the concept of» intellect», it is necessary to pay attention to at least two aspects of it: first, to whom and what it is intended to apply, and secondly, it is not limited to the simple mind, perception, mind, cognition, understanding, perception or the potential for contemplation, thinking of a person. If we look at it in such a narrow circle as it is, it will not be ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Bi-Monthly, Peer Reviewed International Journal [32] Volume 12Texas Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies ISSN NO: 2770-0003 Date of Publication: 22-09-2022 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ different from the general potential inherent in all human beings and existing in them. From this point of view, it is possible to look at «intellect “not as a simple «indicator», but as a concept that is highly developed and expresses an indicator of the possibilities of influencing something. Thus, in our opinion, when we say intelligence, it is possible to understand the complex of knowledge, intelligence, thinking, scientific, technical, technological intelligence, which is elevated to a certain level of development of the human mind, «thinking», «knowledge», ability and potential indicators of understanding the environment, reality and events, as well as being able to exert a strong influence on the changes taking place in Based on these indicators, it will be possible to know and understand different levels of intellekt. Intellect manifests itself on the scale of the individual and on the scale of society. In relation to the person intellect, the intellect of society is a determinant. The reason is that a person is not born as a child person. He is born and perfected in a particular society, enters the system of social relations and becomes a person as a result of socialization. A person with a high potential realizes his own, pursues a philosophical observation about the essence of existence, human life. A person with mental health expresses a level of intelligence, perception, intelligence, talent, intelligence and spiritual- moral maturity. Through perception, understanding, creative imagination and reflection, the whole being seeks to find ways to apply it to life in the way of life, to struggle and live, to realize reality, events, attitudes, goals, interests and needs, that is, to recognize the necessity, deeply. Usual capacity develops on the basis of the culture, spirituality and educational maturity of each nation. The development of social potential as a social reality is of continuity, succession and historical importance. Among other cultural, spiritual values, personality is formed in the process of the historical development of society. As a result of the development and change of the social system and social relations, the essence, purpose, criteria and factors of the social potential have passed through life experience and have become and are of great importance in the development of the polished society and man. Because man is a holistic unity, embodying biological, spiritual, physical, social and spiritual aspects. He will undergo a process of social and individual development in his development. It provides an opportunity to determine its scientific-theoretical and practical criteria, as well as factors and principles.