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3+1 joint education program

Welcome to the joint educational program with the Belarusian State Pedagogical University!

The Constitution is our basic law!

December 8 — Constitution Day Of The Republic of Uzbekistan

An ode reflecting a high sense of patriotism!

December 10 — the day of the adoption of the state anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan

New year is an opportunity for new goals!

Happy New Year 2024!

Memory is holy - dear to man!

May 9 - day of memory and appreciation

JSPU 50 years old!

Happy 50th birthday of Jizzakh State Pedagogical University!

A meeting was held on the topic “Formation of intolerant attitude towards corruption among young people”.

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Jizzakh State Pedagogical University, a spiritual and educational event was organized with the participation of a number of partner organizations on the topic “Formation of intolerant attitude towards corruption among young people”. The event was attended by employees of the Department of Compliance Control System Management, Chief Specialist of the Regional Department of the Religious Affairs Committee, representatives of the Sh.Rashidov District Internal Affairs Department, group tutors, and students.

A. Umrzokov, the head of the department of management of the “Compliance control” system of fighting against corruption, spoke about the issue on the agenda.He said that this evil seriously undermines the political and economic development of any country and society, and leads to the violation of human rights and freedoms. Therefore, he metioned that the fight against corruption is of international importance, that it is among the important issues of world politics, that several anti-corruption laws, decisions and orders of the ministry have been adopted, these regulatory legal documents will be read once again by the staff of the registrar’s office, when you become aware of a corrupt situation in your work, you should first inform the head of the institution where you work or the need to notify law enforcement

Major F. Toshbekov, senior inspector of the crime prevention group of the Internal Affairs Department No. 2 of the Sh. Rashidov District Internal Affairs Department, noted that organizing the fight against corruption on the basis of global requirements is the fact that today such vices as indifference, indifference, hypocrisy, extortion, fraud, nepotism, nepotism, and bribery are still encountered in the system of justice bodies, and preventive talks and explanatory work are being conducted regularly to avoid corruption cases.